The Leading Male Models to Watch in 2022: Unmasking Future Icons


The global fashion industry is forever evolving, with new faces emerging on the scene each season. Male models, once overshadowed by their female counterparts, are now coming into their own and are being recognized for their impact on the fashion world. This article aims to bring you the inside scoop on the leading male models to watch out for in the year 2022.

Emerging Icons of 2022

1. Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves, the Brazilian sensation, has been taking the modeling world by storm. Rodrigo’s unique charm has seen him excel in campaigns for renowned fashion houses such as Gucci and Versace. His captivating green eyes and chiseled jawline make him a truly formidable force on the runway.

2. Wang Lei

Next on our list of breakout stars is the Chinese model Wang Lei. Known for his fierce look and sharp features, Wang has quickly become a favorite on international runways. He has shown exceptional adaptability by effortlessly toggling between different styles, thus proving his mettle as a diverse model.

3. Yassine Rahal

A Moroccan model with an Italian flair, Yassine Rahal has taken the industry by storm. Known for his brooding and mysterious allure, Yassine has been a powerhouse on the runway. His signature move, the smoldering look, leaves audiences worldwide, spellbound.

Models Reinventing the Fashion Industry in 2022

1. Munsoo Kwon

Munsoo Kwon, a South Korean model, is revolutionizing the fashion industry by breaking stereotypes. Known for his sleek, polished, and androgynous style, Munsoo has dared to be different. His unique approach to fashion is paving the way for more diverse representation on the runway.

2. Leon Dame

The German model Leon Dame is setting new trends in fashion. At an impressive 6’2”, Leon has been turning heads with his versatile style and signature walk. His strong features and bold expressions have made him a keen favorite among major fashion brands.

3. Jeenu Mahadevan

Jeenu Mahadevan, an Indian-Norwegian model, has been making waves in the modeling industry with his unique aesthetics. His dynamic personality, coupled with his exotic looks, has won him worldwide recognition.

The Future Icons of 2022

1. James Kakonge

Ugandan native James Kakonge has been a titan on the runway. With his distinct skin tone and striking features, James captures the essence of diversity. His charismatic charm, coupled with his stellar walk, makes him a hopeful icon in 2022.

2. Finn Hayton

The British model Finn Hayton has transformed the definition of classic beauty. His blue eyes, blonde hair, and striking structure make him the epitome of old Hollywood charm but with a modern twist.

3. Jackson Hale

American model Jackson Hale is a perfect blend of charisma and talent, proving himself as a powerful force on the runway. His captivating presence, along with his eye-catching features, makes him stand out from the crowd.


2022 is set to be a groundbreaking year for male models. A host of promising faces are already making a splash in the fashion industry, and their influence on trends and the modeling scene is undeniable. Make sure to make a note of these stellar emerging models and stay tuned to watch their incredible journey unfold on the global runway in 2022.

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